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Pridenjoy 2.8%

A superb aroma of peppery hops, vinous fruit with sappy malt, hop resins & ripe fruit dominating the mouth. Extract from 300 Beers To Try Before You Die. As described by Roger Protz.

Conker IPA 4.2%

A reddish chestnut colour with a nice sweetish, nutty bite to the flavour, very fruity with a dry nutty finish. Aromatic and altogether a superb drink.

Old Cocky 4.3%

Is our best selling beer and made the finals of the Champion Beer of Britain Competition. We have been brewing this for 25 years this year. It’s a golden beer with a bitter sweet flavour, similar to a good Chablis, and a long lingering aroma to savour. Brewed using all English hops.

American Graffiti 4.5%

A golden IPA with big orange & grapefruit marmalade flavours followed by chewy, citrus aromas which go on & on.

Horsham Old 4.5%

It is dark, smooth & warming, with a background of liquorice & burnt toast. It is brewed from a King & Barnes recipe & is primed with molasses sugar. A real hark back to the past. Voted best beer Sussex Beer & Cider Festival!

Horsham Old Special Reserve 4.5%

Similar characteristics to the Horsham Old but with hints of whisky and oak barrel which enhances the depth of flavour and adds to the interest when imbibing.

Christmas Old 4.5%

Another version of the Horsham Old, we have added a Christmas Pudding flavour which gives this beer a wine like character and depth of flavour. Some of our customers say it is the perfect Winter Warmer.

Sun Oak Clog 4.6%

A reddish chestnut colour with a nice sweetish, nutty bite to the flavour, very fruity with a dry nutty finish. Aromatic and altogether a superb drink.

Wenceslegless 4.6%

A light copper colour, initially malt, then an explosion of citrus fruits, predominantly orange. The aftertaste & aroma goes on & on with pithy orange & citrus fruit.

Ray's Whisky Wood Porter 4.7%

A deep rich stout, smooth and interesting with whisky, oak and vanilla balancing the abundant flavour.

VE75 5.5%

An almost black porter with a rich hit of burnt toast balanced by a deep fruity, aromatic, malt whisky hit. the aftertaste goes on & on. Matured in Tomintoul whisky barrels.

Coconut Porter 6%

A dark, almost black colour, initially with hints of toast, then predominantly coconut flavour & mouth feel. A great combination making a smooth, interesting beer.

Coconut Porter Special Reserve 6%

A dark, almost black colour, with a deep rich wine fruit flavour enhanced with hints of whisky and oakey tannins. Really well balance flavours.

Churchillian 6%

A dark black stout, toast, berries and treacle toffee. SIBA SOUTH EAST ENGLAND GOLD AWARD WINNER 2014. Brewed using all English hops.

Churchillian Special Reserve 6.6%

This is a big, very dark, almost black stout. The overwhelming flavour is treacle toffee, with balanced whisky and vanilla from the oak. The aroma is berries, fruit and oak, like an expensive red wine.

Dr French's Whisky Rye 8.2%

A reddish hue with layer upon layer of flavour. First you get whisky, then grassy bitter hops, which morph into bitter red fruits. Behind this you can detect hints of brown, malty bread. But you don’t get a chance to forget the whisky, as this flavour lingers on with a long aftertaste.

Dr French's Old Remedy 8.3%

A fantastic dark, rich stout, left to improve in whisky casks for 12 months.

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