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Pridenjoy Pumpclip



Even though it is just 2.5%, it tastes like a good 4% session beer. As Roger Protz says in his book 300 Beers To Try Before You Die, “it’s a most remarkable beer.”

Old Cocky Pumpclip

Old Cocky


Golden beer with a flavour like a good Chablis. This beer was a finalist in the Champion Beer of Britain competition. 

Weltons Sussex Pride Pumpclip

Sussex Pride


Copper coloured beer, malty in flavour with a fruity and nutty hop character, which emboldens with each sip, complimented with spiced rum aromas.  

Horsham Pale Pumpclip

Horsham Pale


A golden yellow beer with a smooth malt and hop character finished with a bombardment of aroma from the American hops. 

Weltons Old Harry Pumpclip

Old Harry


Deep red in colour with a rich malty and nutty flavour, this beer is locally sourced, using Sussex and East Kent Goldings hops.  

Churchillian Pumpclip



Burnt charcoal flavours with hints of treacle toffee, topped with aromas of toast and berries. We are fed up of strong English stout being called Russian. This is Churchillian!

American Graffiti Pumpclip

American Graffiti


Golden yellow with a citrus bitterness like orange marmalade, American Graffiti is distinctly brewed with American hops. 

Weltons English Pride Pumpclip

English Pride


A dark amber beer with fruity and nutty flavours. English Pride if brewed using only English malt and hops, specifically from Sussex and Kent. 

Weltons Export Stout Pumpclip

Export Stout


A dark beer with rich, roasted malt and strong hop flavours. It’s dry hopped to stand the journey to the West Indies. 

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